Mount George Everest, Mussoorie

Mount George Everest

Colonel Sir George Everest

He owned a house in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India, for some years. Although almost derelict, it still has its roof, and there are plans to make it into a museum at some point in time.
Commissioned into the Royal Artillery, in 1818, Lt. Everest was appointed as assistant to Colonel William Lambton, who had started the Great Trigonometrical Survey of the subcontinent in 1806. On Lambton’s death in 1823, Everest succeeded to the post of superintendent of the survey, and in 1830 he was appointed as the Surveyor-General of India.
Sir George Everest’s House and Laboratory, also known as the Park Estate, is situated about 6 kilometers (4 mi) from Gandhi Chowk / Library Bazaar, (West end of the Mall Road, in Mussoorie). Built in 1832 it was the home and laboratory of Sir George Everest. The house is situated in a place from where one can catch the panoramic view of Doon Valley on one side and a panoramic view of the Aglar River valley and the snowbound Himalayan ranges on the other.