Lachchhiwala, Dehradun

Lachchhiwala Dehradun

This place of natural beauty, located in the city of Dehradun in the Uttarakhand state, is a land of verdant forests. Because of being away from the city, this place has become one of the favorable picnic spots in this city of north India. People visit this place to spend quality time with their friends or family.

Tourist Attractions in Lachchhiwala Dehradun

This forest land mostly attracts people, who are nature lovers. However, the place is often visited by those who go for a trip to the Dehradun city. Apart from the sightseeing, the main attraction of the area is the huge man-made pools, where people can enjoy swimming. The lush greenery and fresh unpolluted air make the place an ideal destination for trekking. Besides that, these rich natural forests are home to a number of bird species. The chirping of the colorful birds fascinates numerous bird watchers from all over the state. A bird watching guide is sure to enhance your enjoyment of bird watching by helping you spot specific species of birds.
The beauty of this region can make you spend some quality time in solitude and even fall in for the nature. For that, the grassland as well as the marshes along the side of the River Song are some of the best places to visit. These areas of Lachchhiwala are known for being home to some of the migratory birds as well.

The Laxman Siddh Temple, a famous temple of Laxman, Lord Rama’s younger brother, is even worth visiting for people, who love to visit places of worship. This temple is located nearby.